S. J. Fresh Produce Market Update!!

 BUYERS  on call today           FRUIT – Adrian   VEGETABLES – Steve


Pre Packed Snow Peas and Sugar Snaps @ $ 2.00 a punnet.

 Cauliflowers will be up in price slightly. Stringless beans will be up in price also. Parsnip quality and supply continues to be an issue. Iced broccoli will remain firm in price with Twin lakes expected to start in approx 4 weeks. 


For the next month Jack Rabbit carrots will be donating 5 cents from every 1 kilo bag sold to Breast Cancer. The bag will be in a distinctive pink color. We encourage all our stores to get behind this promotion. To help in your purchase the price will be just .65c per bag for the next month.


These will be opportunity buys. They will be available only in Crate lots. These are a smaller size or a lesser grade product.We will have varied lines of both fruit and vegetables that are a cheaper option to what we normally supply.

IGA WEEKLY SPECIALS  — Iceberg Lettuce, 1kg Carrots, WA All the way salad bags 120gm/150gm, Homestyle Beetrootslaw 250gm and Homestyle Dryslaw 250gm.


 Fruit News

IGA WEEKLY SPECIALS –  White Seedless Grapes, Hass Avocados & Gold Pineapples

       SJ FRESH SUPER SPECIAL – 200g Cherry & Grape Tomatoes $1 punnet

New Lines Available:- Baby Roma Truss Tomatoes (pictured below), Pomelo (new season fruit from Israel), Jackfruit, 1kg Punnets Late Imperial Mandarins (pictured below) & PP Local Cherry Truss Tomatoes (pictured below)

Pineapples for the weekly special will either be 11count Gold or Hybrid Golds with tops on in 14 or 16 counts. White Seedless Grapes for the weekly special will cost $75, a little more than the advertised cost but we’ll be buying better fruit. Strawberries will be up in price a shade. Blueberries will also be up a shade, mainly due to the recent weather conditions so the agent feels it’s only a short term measure. Raspberries will also be up in price as fruit is in short supply. Nectarines will be available. Custard Apples (from Moore River) will be down tonight. Tomatoes will be up in price, fruit is very short in supply at present & likely remain on the shorter side until the local season starts mid-late November, price for No1 fruit will be around $4kg and 1kg Bags around $3.50. Passion Fruit will be in tonight so should be ok. Bins of Kiwifruit are available, fruit is all on the large size & works out to be around 40-45c each. Rock Melons will only be available in large size fruit tomorrow, most likely 6 counts which will be at least $6 each. USA Pomegranates are available tomorrow, coming in 36 counts @ $3.50 each


                                               Everything else will be much the same