S. J. Fresh Produce Market Update!!

 BUYERS  on call today           FRUIT – Adrian   VEGETABLES – Steve



All Mushrooms will be light in supply and there might be some cut backs to orders . Lebanese Cucumbers will still remain up in price , Hydro Trays will be around $9.50 a kilo . Basil will be extremely light in supply and will be over $20 to $24 a kilo. Please remember that the basil and other herbs in this winter period will be of just OK quality. Zucchini’s will be up in price. Burpless Cucumbers will be up in price. Cabbage and Celery will remain up in price. Butter nuts will be up in price and quality will be just average at best.



 Fruit News

IGA Weekly Specials: Navel Oranges, Tomatoes, Strawberries and McGrath Apples

SJ  FRESH SUPER SPECIAL – Avocados 20count @ $33 tray (these are Class 1 fruit as opposed to Premium Grade, which means some of the fruit will have a slight skin blemish but the fruit is very good).

McGrath Apples for this weeks special are advertised as red & green varieties, (mainly because small Pink Ladies in particular are very short in supply) so we cannot guarantee that you will get the specific Red variety you order, it will most likely be a combination.

‘GODZILLA’ Avocados (as seen in the papers or on tv) will be available for Tuesday/Wednesday delivery next week – 9counts in cartons @$10 each ! We have to pre-order these to guarantee supply so please put a note in your comments if you’d like to try them. Kiwifruit in Bins will be available for your Thursday/Friday loads, X/Large fruit only at this stage & will be around 35/40c each. 

We have activated Large Bananas on the website, these are available at a maximum of $2.40kg – because the Premium/Extra Large Fruit increased in price and likely to go up further as this size fruit is short in supply Australia wide the Large (which is plentiful in supply) maybe a better option (certainly from a cost/retail point).

Moore River Custard Apples will be in tonight. Cara Cara Oranges will be WA fruit now, fruit is excellent, really good colour and a little cheaper at around $3.25kg. Rock Melons will be Eastern State Fruit,  only 9 and 10 counts are available and price will be up a touch. USA Cherries will be up a touch in price. Pink Grapefruit will be Carnarvon fruit and really superb quality. Bravo Apples are available @ $4.50kg for 67mm size ONLY, there is a bit of smaller size fruit coming through so they’ve dropped the price a little. Seville Oranges are available for the marmalade makers amongst us. 

Banana update – the agents have informed us that we are now moving into the period where Bananas lose their gloss & start to dis-colour a little as they get riper. This is normal for this time of year as the growing conditions in Qld become cooler.

         Everything else will be much the same